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Let me introduce myself.  Before I became a teacher, I worked for over 25 years in Corporate America and was ready for a change in profession.  Not only has teaching become a second career for me, but a fulfillment of a life-long passion.  I have two children and one grandchild  (Soon to be 2!!!).  My daughter, Leah, graduated from The University of Arizona and is a stay at home mom. My son, Gideon, graduated from SPA and The University of Arizona and is working for Frito-Lay in their executive management program.

Eight years ago I come to SPA, after some years in the Paradise Valley Unified School District IB program. My degrees include: a) BS from James Madison University in Analytical Chemistry; b) MPH from The University of Michigan in Population Planning; c) MA from The University of Pennsylvania in Family Sociology; d) MA from The University of Pennsylvania in Statistics; and e) MA from University of Phoenix in Secondary Education.

I am committed to the teaching of science and mathematics as a broader tool for young minds to acquire and hone thinking skills in general, and am dedicated to the success of each and every student in their efforts to learn these challenging subjects. My belief is high expectations, with a high level of support.    


To contact me, my e-mail: and my phone: 480-776-1970 Extension 449